Can I get health insurance for my pet? If so, what’s covered?

Several companies offer health insurance for dogs and cats (and other pets). These plans have premiums and deductibles, just like human health insurance plans. The premiums and deductibles vary based on the level of coverage you select. Many routine services, such as office visits and diagnostic testing, are covered, as well as prescriptions, procedures, and surgeries for a wide variety of diseases and conditions. However, there are restrictions and limits, as well as certain guidelines to follow, including making sure your pet receives regular preventive care.

At Spinnaker Veterinary Clinic we have brochures for some of the most popular veterinary insurance companies. We do not recommend one insurance company over another simply because what might be right for one owner/pet may not be right for another owner/pet. In general, you should try to get your pet insured when they are as young as possible; some insurance plans will not cover anything related to “pre-existing” conditions diagnosed before coverage started. Many people also do not realize that pet insurance companies work through reimbursement, so an owner must pay the bill in full at the time of service and then get reimbursed after submitting the proper paperwork. If you are thinking about pet insurance you may want to visit our “links” page to be directed to a website that contains entries by pet owners who have had insurance, and whether or not they felt it was a good value.


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