General Pet Information:

American Animal Hospital Association’s Website for Pet Owners

Our Online Pharmacy

For Lost Pets Implanted with A Microchip, or Found Pets

Entries by Pet Owners Discussing Their Experiences with Different Pet Insurances

Common Dog Behavior Issues

Dog Water Safety Tips

Pet-Safe and Toxic House Plants

Creating a Safe Yard and Home for Your Pet

For Emergencies:

Animal Poison Control

Bay State Veterinary Emergency Services

Mass- RI Veterinary Emergency Room

Ocean State Veterinary Specialists

Looking for a new pet?


Providence Animal Rescue League

Dog Breed Info with Quiz to Recommend the Best Breed for You

A Website Designed to Promote Reputable Dog Breeders

For Pet Health Information:

American Animal Hospital Association

American College of Veterinary Nutrition

American Veterinary Dental College

American Veterinary Medical Association

Angel View Crematory

Canine Inherited Disorders Database

Care Credit

Center for Disease Control

Cornell Feline Health Center

FDA Pet Food Site


Home Again Microchip


Pet Loss Support

The Ultimate Guide to Financial Aid for Pets

Veterinary Oral Health Council


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